Disposition Version 02 out now

Hi all!

Version 02 of Disposition, a road trip of life and death, is now available. This update comes with:

  • Improved visuals: The world of Disposition contains more details and recognizable locations.
  • Improved gameplay: More twists and turns makes driving more interesting. Enemies pose a bigger challenge.
  • Story: Find out why you find yourself driving towards certain death.

New to Disposition? It's a short experimental game which combines racing with horror elements. And it's free!

Played Disposition before? Version 02 should feel like a fresh experience with roads laid out in a completely different way, more powerful enemies and a more satisfying ending (I hope so anyway :D).

About the project

I started this project to gain more experience releasing a small game within a reasonable time frame. So while Disposition could be expanded into a bigger game, Version 02 will probably be the final version.


Disposition 02.zip 416 MB
Aug 31, 2022

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