Progress 07: Hazard

Welcome to the latest progress update of Disposition. I use these updates to show how I approach certain game design challenges.

An area I want to improve on in the next version of the game is the enemies. Besides making them a bit more nimble, I've also ensured they have more impact on they way players drive. They don't get in your way, but can confuse you enough to make you fly off the road.

I had an additional enemy type in mind for the next update as well. But the ideas I have for this enemy are a lot less straightforward than the simple-chase-player-idea. Which means they take more time to get right, further delaying the release. So I've decided to shelve these ideas for now.

Finally I want to expand on the story. It will be pretty minimal, but enough to make the ending a lot more satisfying.

If all goes well, the next update will be about the second Disposition release. Let's see!

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