Progress 05: Where to next?

Welcome to the first progress update of Disposition... Version 02. In the next updates I'll talk about what's included in the upcoming release.

The focus of Version 01 was delivering something playable in a short amount of time. Simplicity was key. Version 02 gives me the chance to improve and expand the game. Especially with the help of comments and playthroughs posted by players (thanks again! :D).

What I have in mind for Version 02:

  • Adding more twists and turns to make driving more challenging.
  • Making it less likely that players get lost.
  • Adding different enemies to expand on the horror aspect of the game.
  • More story elements.

The next couple of weeks I'll be posting more progress updates to show how it's coming along. And... if all goes well... Version 02 will be available within a month or two.

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