Decimate Drive is out now

Decimate Drive is out now on here on and on Steam. Time to find out if you have what it takes to outsmart a pack of killer cars.

It's run or die in a killer car infested city. Dash from dumpster to park bench and don’t make a wrong move. Ice cream trucks, snowplows and dodgy vans all want you dead. Decimate Drive, a short indie game, is terrifyingly fast-paced and drenched in atmospheric horror.

Get the game now here on or on Steam.

I hope you enjoy the game! Don't forget to let me know what you think! Leave a review, post bugs / give feedback or join the Discord community. Thanks again to everyone who playtested the game and tried out the demo. It helped me a lot with figuring out what to add to the game, what to fix etc.

Frequently asked questions

Can my system run the game?

If you want to be sure your system can run the game, I recommend trying out the demo. Even if you tried the demo before. It has been updated with new settings for low-end machines.

What are the plans for the game after its release?

The plan is to add new content to the game in the future. Because I don't work on the game full-time it's hard to say what content will be coming when.

I'm experiencing problems when playing the game, where can I get support?

If you are experiencing problems when playing Decimate Drive you can ask for support in the #support channel on Discord.

🕹️ Get the game on Steam or on

🏪 Talk with other players or me about the game on Discord.

📼 Watch trailers, shorts & let's plays on YouTube.

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