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As mentioned in the last devlog the release of Decimate Drive is getting closer and closer. So you'll see more posts on what you can expect to be in the game. Like this one! 😁

Killer cars

The game will include over ten killer cars. Some of them you might have encountered in the playtest or demo. But a bunch of them will be completely new. The sports car is one of them and its speed make it very different from most of the other cars in the game.

Desolate locations

The full game will include over twenty different locations. Thanks to the feedback I got on the playtest and demo I've been able to add lots of improvements to the levels. Things like making it less likely for players to get lost or adding more details to make locations more recognizable.

If you're into game design then you might be interested in the short post I wrote over on Discord (it's in the #sneak-peek channel). I go into some of the design decisions I made and how they worked out.

Thanks for checking out this devlog! Keep an eye out for future posts because I hope to announce the release date soon. πŸŽ‰

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