Quick progress update

This weeks update of Decimate Drive, a game set in a killer car infested city, is about the release plans and latest progress.

The plan

If all goes well, the full release (including a complete story, new game + and a wide range of levels and enemies) of Decimate Drive will be early 2024. At first I had an Early Access release in mind. Because completing the story and adding additional gameplay elements took less time than expected, I have decided to skip it and go straight to a full release.

Despite skipping Early Access, I expect to add more stuff to the game after its release. It's a project I work on in my spare time though. So I don't really know how much time I'll have and what I can pull off. Hopefully things like other story lines, different settings etc. But no promises!

Finishing touches

I'm currently finishing up the last couple of levels, completing the story and, most important of all, hunting for bugs. December is going to be a busy month for me however, so it might be a bit quiet in terms of devlogs and updates. Just know that behind the scenes things are happening 😁

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That's amazing! I'll be there when it releases. Super excited to play the final product!