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It's run or die in a killer car infested city. Dash from dumpster to park bench and don’t make a wrong move. Ice cream trucks, snowplows and dodgy vans all want you dead. Decimate Drive, a short indie game, is terrifyingly fast-paced and drenched in atmospheric horror.

Frantic chases

Decimate Drive is out now here on Itch.io (and Steam) and features frantic chases which are as fun as they are fatal. Run for your life as every car in the city hunts you down.

Run from cover to cover. Constantly use your environment to your advantage as you go from wide-open parking lots to claustrophobic alleys.

Each enemy is deadly in its own way. Unwieldy trucks charge straight for you while unassuming sedans quietly sneak up on you.

Survive long enough to find out how you ended up in a killer car infested city. Decimate Drive, set in a desolate city in the cold north of the United States, features a dark surreal story-line.


  • Dark surreal story-line
  • Additional Hit & Run game mode
  • Fast-paced frantic gameplay
  • New game plus & collectibles
  • 10+ killer cars & 20+ desolate locations

Hit & Run game mode

Go for a new high score while being chased by killer cars. All the while you have to stop the timer from running out. And deal with random buffs and debuffs. It's fast paced, unpredictable and chaotic.

What's next?

The plan is to release another content update in 2024. This content update will most likely include more story and new killer cars. Since I work on this game in my spare time I can't make any promises or give exact release dates.

🕹️ Get the game on Steam or here on Itch.io.

🏪 Talk with other players or me about the game on Discord.

📼 Watch trailers, shorts & let's plays on YouTube.

🗞️ Follow me on X for news and #screenshotsaturday.

Thanks for the comments and playthroughs, they're much appreciated!

Updated 29 days ago
Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(32 total ratings)
AuthorSome Random Designing
GenreSurvival, Action
Made withUnity
Tags3D, Atmospheric, Dark, Destruction, Driving, Horror, Physics, Psychological Horror, Vehicles
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
LinksSteam, Steam, YouTube, Discord, Twitter, Press kit


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Had a blast!!  I don't usually scream so much in horror games but this kept me on the edge of my seat lol


Who knew cars can choose violence

My favorite game ive played this year! Running from these cars aint for the faint of heart, especially once the *redacted* shows up and chases you down while bumping the most joyous music. Gotta try the new mode next.


Went back & beat it.. good story as well as intense a** gameplay!! 10/10

My girlfriend played the demo-- and now she hates ice cream trucks. ^^; 

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im late 2 the party but.. this was surprisingly the funniest + most intense game ive played in awhile! great job!


this was SO WELL DESIGNED and was far scarier than it had any right to be when its about killer cars, absolutely insanely well done

Cars are now my worst nightmare, thanks :P.This game is awesome and it deserves a sequel! :). Great work Devs - Gameplay and Thoughts below :D

Fun and infuriating; the car AI is great. It's absolutely relentless and leads to some really goofy moments. Wish the story was done as I'd like to know more about the lore, but, I understand that you're still updating. I really enjoyed the craziness.

Game was really fun! thoughts at the end of the video

El juego tiene un ambiente tenebroso, sientes como si un asesino te acecha y la intensidad de los vehiculos es fuerte por atraparte, muy buen juego!

This game is so good! Fun and intense! Reminded me of the movie "Christine".

I have no idea whats going on but it has a rape van in it 
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This is great! I haven’t had this much fun in a horror game in ages! I can’t recommend this enough! - check out my gameplay on the link below :)

I really want to know more about this game's AI! The cars just seem to car so well!


It's a combination of pathfinding used in most games with tricks and tweaking to give the cars an advantage against you. The snow really helps them turn around quickly for example.

I had a lot of fun with this game! thoughts at the end of the video.

Really awesome game...

I LOVE THIS GAME!!!  I have so many questions and I need a decimate drive 2!!!!

Fabuloso juego!

To say I love this game would be an UNDERSTATEMENT!  This is likely my favorite indie game of ALL of 2023!

Awesome, glad you like the demo! 😁



Yes, sure! You can post Decimate Drive videos on YouTube.

Thank you very much.

This was so much fun, im looking forward to  a full release! (2nd game)

You guys went CRAZY with this one! The concept of the game and everything is soo good, yet simple. This made for some awesome commentary and a dope playthrough. Cant wait for more, honestly! (first game in the video too!)

This was fun, I hope the full version on Steam is just as fun!

Pretty nice evolution from the 1st version. The game is pretty good at keeping you on the edge of your seat. The damage of the cars are a little inconsistent, sometimes it's one hit kill, sometimes it's not. I'm guessing it has to do whith their speed at the moment of the impact, if that's the case than it's actually realistic. Will keep an eye on the improvements and when the lore is added. Keep up the good work

Great game

Loved your game, here's the homies and I playing it!

Honestly this is a very creepy, visually stunning short horror. I wish it were longer!!

Great game! I had a lot of fun playing it! I wish that their where more levels though. Anyway, good job!

Interesting horror game about being chased down by killer cars! 
Gave me some memories of Maximum Overdrive or those old cheats in GTA where people would try to run you over! Had fun playing!
Good Job SomethingRandomDesigning!
Haven't played a horror game like this yet! 

Put it into one of my 3 Scary games videos, I think the game crashed but what I played was pretty fun, the graphics were amazing. There was no sound for some reason, also would appreciate it if people subbed super close to my goal of 1k on youtube.

Definitely had a spooky environment, I really enjoyed it! (here is my playthrough if anyone is interested! game starts at 6:05)

Un juego muy simple pero que te genera mucho terror...! Me ha gustado :)

This was a very refreshing experience. I've never seen a horror game like this. The concept is truly unique and I'm happy to hear that the developer is working on creating a full game out of this.

wild cars

Gameplay Playthrough No Commentary

What a unique and fun experience, having surprisingly good graphics for an Indie game, with the creepy atmosphere, then suddenly feeling like you’re in a looney tunes show being chased by vehicles wanting to turn you into a potato.

My only gripe is the games length, as 6 minutes was my total playtime after reaching the end cutscene. I would love to see more added into this, as there’s potential for something awesome.

I really liked this game! I hope that there will be more levels cause I had a bunch of fun being chased and trying to find the ending to the levels :) Looking forward to whatever you make next! I added this game to my 3 Scary Games series on YouTube, so thanks for making an awesome game :D!

Solid atmosphere, feels very dreamy 

Full Play NO COmmentary

I made a shorts
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