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English subs available.

Muito interessante. A ambientação é muito boa, e os carros te deixam tenso o tempo todo. Vou ficar de olho pra ver a versão completa do game.

THIS GAME WAS INSANELY INTENSE!! 9/10 check out the video to see my experience 

Very unique and a lot of fun to play! A must  play  game!   Check video for full gameplay! 

Very Cool Game

Its The Second game

Gameplay included on my list of 17 short horror games. Games either being played on PC or Steam Deck.

A very unusual game. The plot, and in general what happens in it, is very incomprehensible at first, but then, especially in the finale, everything becomes much more taut. It's a very short but atmospheric game that somehow reminded me of liminal spaces, which they are. In general, I liked the game, definitely good

I've not played a game like this before and it's fantastic! I should have assumed it was going to be a car that was going to hunt me down but for some reason, I just wasn't ready. Look forward to seeing what else you do with this game!

This game was absolutely fantastic.

Not only was the music great, but i really liked the AI that was programmed into the vehicles. You have to actually think on your feet. You cant just move out of the way, you have to actively trick them so that they'll miss you. I loved this concept and cannot wait to see more. The video i made is scheduled but not published yet, otherwise i'd share it.

There are surprisingly few horror games that focus around this kind of aesthetic; it reminds me of the parts of blade runner that are hollow, dark, disconnected and not illuminated by bright lights that scrub away at our base human feelings. There's no distraction here, just a constant fear that comes after you. I'd love to see a longer experience, but for other thoughts, I've linked to the time this game starts:

this dang game was actually so good. I had a great time.

Secret Ending: You find out you're a driver, from California LMAO

I REALLY enjoyed this game!!! Still trying to figure out why these possessed vehicles are coming after me lol. But it was pretty fun!!! Great game (Skip to 56:29 for gameplay)

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Cool scary killer car game. Like it bro. Keep it up man and don’t give up. Also made as the three scary games. I played it at 15:52

Weirdly enough i got scared when playing it the thought and image of a vehicle coming at you is scary and thinking about the aftermath and pain of getting run over. Never thought sentient cars murderous cars would be a thing on my fear list.

This game was pretty fun.
I was dodging cars IRL and nearly fell off my chair.

Gameplay en ESPAÑOL.
Nice game I got really scared with the first appearance of the car xD
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Loving the gameplay and the atmosphere :D

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VERY nice work! This needs to be developed into a full game!

good game bro!! i'm from indonesia.

I Should NOT Have Gotten Scared As Much As I Did The Atmosphere Was Very Good And The Graphics And Gameplay Were Really Good You Have A lot Of Potential I Cant Wait To See What You Do Next! ~ Wang

Dude I love this game!

I have an irrational fear about this happening so amazing job lol.

This was a really interesting game! I like that fact I had to dodge the cars while trying to escape. Interesting take on a horror game. Good Job!

Comments below clip:

Wow! What a nail biting game. Blood pressure and heart rate through the roof, and after watching other players uploads, I was plainly and purely lucky to get through in one go [which is a first :o].

Well done, because, as a player, you feel very vulnerable running your ass off against those beasts of cars.

5 star rating and a big thumbs up to all involved!

Really interesting horror game! Really nice surprise and thoroughly enjoyed it!

I absolutely loved this game! It creeped me out and scared the crap out of me! Sound and graphics looked great and gameplay was fun!

Short but not bad. Made a video on it.

Amazing game. Keep up the great work!


fantastic game! I wouldn't mind having it turned into a much longer one, even if we had to pay for it. The concept isn't used enough.

I LOVE this game, i wish there was more of it

You combined horror with cars so this is Lil Beef's perfect game! Making the exits glow was great as it made them easy to find and cut down on pointless wandering. The settings were excellent and the use of light made for haunting mood. The killer cars were so aggressive and made them quite menacing keeping the tension high. Absolutely fantastic! 

Didnt expect to be creeped out so much by this but it got me.

I made a video on your game (37:33)


Thoroughly enjoyed this :3 Cheers Dev.

Awesome game well done

this was really great i loved it! the first car coming at you was super creepy! good job! 

I don't go around commenting and leave reviews on horror games but this CAR horror game was AMAZING and the first car horror game I have ever played I am so happy that I found this game I will be waiting for more like this 

Here's a little gameplay video on your game: 

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Thanks! Glad you liked it 😁

Cool game here's a speedrun


Nice! This got me thinking what other speedrun strats are possible in the game 🤔

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